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For those who haven't yet seen this, our games are available for view on the NFHS website at NFHS Network


We complete the regular season this week and being post-season preparation for the SCC Championships.  We will host a Quarterfinal game next Saturday.


This week also begins a new task for our Juniors.  

Those juniors wishing to be considered for 2019 Team Captain must retrieve an application form from the Athletic Director's office.  You must complete the form, get your signature and your parent's signature and return the form and your required essay to me by Saturday, October 27, 2018.  You MUST NOT be late on this deadline.   We will conduct our 2019 Captain's vote in the period between the SCC Championship game and the Class LL State tournament.  More information will be put out on this activity by midweek.


Week 9 Schedule:


Monday, 10/22:     V @ Mercy @ 4:00 PM - (Bus Departure @ 2:30 PM - White/White) - (Coach Miller/Coach Gil/Coach Shomsky/Coach Bell)

                               Dress List: Adcox, Garrett, Howard, Joyce, Keary, Rogers, Rosa, Bishop, Beacham, Carlson, D'Auria, Iadarola, Malick, Oko, Vohra, Garretson, Maher, Panek, Porto, Sandin, Taylor, Wildman, Zwaan 


                                                Note:  JV Practice canceled.  All JV players invited to ride with the varsity to the Mercy game.


Tuesday, 10/23:    JV @ Mercy @ 4:00 PM - (Bus Departure @ 2:30 PM - White/White) -

                              (Coach Shomsky/Coach Bell/Coach Miller)

                              V  - Rest Day


Wednesday, 10/24:  V Training @ 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM; Finn Stadium -

                                 (Player Arrival @ 7:15 PM) - (Staff)


Thursday, 10/25:  V Training @ 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM; Upper Field -

                              (Player Arrival @ 4:15 PM) - (Staff)


Friday, 10/26: V Training @ 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM; Finn Stadium -

                        (Player Arrival @ 3:45 PM)


Saturday, 10/27:  SCC Quarterfinals - V v TBD @ TBA; Finn Stadium -

                             (Player Arrival @ TBA - Orange/Black) - (Staff)

                                                  Note:  Senior Night Game!


2019 Captain's Applications/Essays Due to Coach Miller