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Referee Information

Referees play an important role in the game of soccer. They are there to ensure that the contest is being played fairly while keeping the players safe. Soccer players can make great referees. SYSO makes training available and offers a stress-free environment for current/former soccer players (or fans) who want to begin to referee youth soccer games. Shelton Youth Soccer sponsors USSF referee certification clinics for travel referees and in-house rec league referee training courses.

Saturday Morning SYSO Rec League Referees
The rec league training class is offered a week or two before each Saturday Rec league season starts. Class sizes are kept small so that we may be able to monitor, direct and provide feedback to each individual referee.  Some common soccer rules are adjusted for SYSO rec league games based on the players age and ability. This training teaches the specific rules for each SYSO league (1,2,3 & 4). Referees must be at least age 13 by June 30, of the current year. To sign up or get more information anytime of year on this program, please contact the Rec Referee Assignor, Kris Pruzinsky at 1refkris@gmail.com during March(for Spring) or August(for Fall) to sign up for this program. There is no fee for this training, but each referee must purchase their own uniform and supplies. Referees who previously refereed in Rec games do not need to attend.

            ****REC REFEREE COURSE FOR SPRING 2016***

Want to be a referee? SYSO is hosting a referee training class for its Saturday a.m. rec leagues. No experience necessary. Space is very limited. There will only be one class held this spring. Please contact Kris Pruzinsky, the rec referee assignor at 1refkris@gmail.com ASAP if interested. Referees must be at least age 13 by June 30, 2016. The next class will not be until August 2016.


All referees for SYSO travel games must be USSF-certified.

More information on the USSF referee certification program can be found HERE
All the information on starting on the path to be a referee can be found here
Also see www.ctreferee.net or www.ussoccer.org or contact the travel referee assignor from our directory for more information.



This course is designed for those wishing to officiate travel youth soccer games. The course is open in CT in the late summer of 2016. For more information, please visit www.ctreferee.net and look at referee clinics and requirements for entry-level referees.


Rec Referee Assignment for Saturday March 5, 2016  SAMPLE:

Kickoff League Field Referee Ref 2/AR 1 Ref 3/AR 2
8:00 2 Nike B BYDY SNTE  
9:00 2 Nike B BYDY SNTE  
10:00 2 Nike B NONE NONE  
11:00 2 Nike B BNTE BYDY  
12:00 2 Nike B BNTE BYDY  
8:00 2 Nike G


9:00 2 Nike G CEDY    
10:00 2 Nike G CEDY MIPA  
11:00 2 Nike G CYMW MIPA  
12:00 2 Nike G CYMW




8:00 3 Capewell (B) TRCZ BNCN  
9:00 3 Capewell (B) TRCZ    
10:00 3 Capewell (B) TRCZ


8:00 3 Capewell (G) LNPI    
9:00 3 Capewell (G) LNPI BNCN  
10:00 3 Capewell (G) LNPI    
11:00 3 Capewell (G) LNPI    
8:00 4 Capewell MNBE    
9:15 4 Capewell MNBE    
10:30 4 Capewell MNBE