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Mackenzie Joyce and Erin Keary to Captain 2018 Gaelettes


Mackenzie Joyce and Erin Keary have been selected as Captains for the 2018 Gaelettes' season. Erin has been a starter in our central defense since early in her freshman season and is a three-year letterman, heading into her final season in the program. Mackenzie completed her first full season at varsity, playing very well up top in our attack. These players have been shown themselves as excellent leaders all season, both in training and on game days. Our junior class this season is a remarkably strong class in terms of leadership, and selecting these two from this group of seven equally deserving players proved a difficult task for all. The juniors showed their maturity, as those who did not seek the role, graciously stepped aside to allow us to focus on those who asked the program to consider them for the responsibility. In addition, staff concerns about making these selections out of such a strongly deserving group, were again set aside by the juniors themselves. Consistent with the unity and family we have become, they let it be known that they had prepared themselves as a class for any choices made and were committed as a group to lead together in 2018. We clearly have another tremendous incoming senior class, ready to lead, with two great captains at the helm.


And while we will talk more about them at the banquet, the coaching staff wants to take this moment to thank the fine leadership we received from our 2017 seniors and in particular, our outgoing captains Courtney Litts and Allison Panek. This class committed themselves to take the program further than the year before in many measures, and they certainly accomplished that. Court and Sal began the work last winter, had our seniors on board by spring, and you can see the results of their fine work. Great role models for us all. They've set the starting point and standard for 2018.


Courtney and Sal and the rest of our current Seniors will pass formal leadership of the team to Erin and Mackenzie and our 2018 Seniors at our banquet.



Congratulations to Erin and Kenz!

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Welcome to the 2017
Shelton High Girls'
Soccer Season
Welcome to the Home Page of the 2017 Shelton High School Girls Soccer Program.  This is the place to learn all things about SHSGS!

A very challenging mission this year, but one the players and coaches believe is within our ability to achieve and one we have all made a solemn vow to do our very best to accomplish.

The players themselves have stated how this will be accomplished through the Pillars of Success they have defined for themselves:
  • Showing PRIDE in our successful program through our actions and remembering and respecting all those players who came before us
  • Caring enough to be a FAMILY and forming a bond between us through undeniable trust and love, regardless of circumstances
  • Showing a level of MOTIVATION that pushes ourselves and each other to to whatever it takes, within the rules, to achieve this mission
  • Ensuring our EFFORT reflects 110% of ourselves as players through our focus on the tasks at hand
  • Driving our level of HARD WORK to push us well beyond our comfort zone and creating the mental toughness to never give up
  • Maintaining a level of POSITIVITY that keeps it fun, sees the bright side of everything related to the game and rubs off on others
The coaching staff is confident that keeping true to these Pillars, particularly in those individual and team moments where the challenge is greatest, will ensure we accomplish our Mission in 2017.  And with the support we get from the school, the SYSO community, our parents and our fans, we are destined to succeed!