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2018 Tryouts Summary

The results of our 2018 tryouts have been compiled and can be found at the link below.

     The tryouts this year faced a new challenge in that many of the activities we perform were all done on grass, instead of on turf.  While it did impact some of our overall results, the coaching staff was more impressed by how well the team attacked the challenges that came this season and proved able to overcome them.  

     This season we focused much more on setting individual targets for activities and developing our program objectives from the aggregation of those individual goals.  It makes sense, as a learning activity for next year, to look at your individual goals you set and how you performed against them.  Did you reach your goal?  If so, congratulations!  Was the goal challenging enough or were you able to stretch yourself as needed to reach it?  If you fell a bit short, was it because the goal was too ambitious?  Why?  Or could it have been a need to prepare a bit more thoroughly and directly to perform the activity well?  How will you change your preparation for next year's tryouts?


Player Ranking are simply a compilation of how you finish compared to other in the three assessment areas: Fitness, Technical and Tactical.


Team Performances to Note -

  • Our 300 Shuttle results were the strongest across the program,  top to bottom, since we began making this assessment 10 years ago.
  • Our Dribbling Assessment fell just 0.11 points from hitting the Program Target for 2018.
  • Our Shooting Assessment exceeded the 2018 Program Target by a full point.  This was the best performance for this assessment since we began tracking it 5 years ago.

Individual Performances to Note -

  • Mia Chen set a new program record for Shooting, scoring 17 out of 18 possible points.
  • Leya Vohra finished as our overall Fitness Leader, sweeping top performance in all 3 assessments.  This has not been done since fitness assessments began some 10 years ago.  In doing so, she set Top 5 Historical Results for both the Beep Test and the 300 Yard Shuttle Run.
  • Leya Vohra also put up a Program Top 5 result in Dribbling.
  • Liz Porto put up a Program Top 5 result in Passing Accuracy.
  • Esabel Rosa also put up a Program Top 5 result in Passing Accuracy.
  • Noelle Garrettson, Jillian LaPrise, Carolyn Maher and Emily Sandin all put up Program Top 5 results in Shooting.  A great showing for the Sophomore Class in this activity! 

Tryout Final Report